Using a touch screen, the user determines mixing ratios between bases (PG = propylene glycol / VG = vegetable glycerin) and flavors. The flavors and dosages are chosen from our database and the filling machine works without any use of nicotine to guarantee TPD2 compliance. The filling amount is individually determined between 1 litre and 50 ml.
The selected flavor is taken from the shelf by the retailer and scanned with the installed handheld scanner. The bottle is placed on the determined position and a needle sucks in the required amount. Then, place an empty bottle of the selected size on the same spot, and the bottle fills up with your customized MIXX. The built-in printer generates a label. Put the lid on and your MIXX is ready.
The compact size and modern design add value to every sales room. LIMIXX helps you to grow the product range while reducing your storage space. The machine uses 20 litres containers for PG and VG which replaces 40 x 1 litre pharmaceutical bottles. More than 150 certified flavors are stored in our database, enabling you to become the producer of an infinite product variety.
The filling machine is available exclusively by LIMIXX and comes with a Starter Package consisting of 80 litres of bases and flavors as well as empty bottles for the filling processes. In addition, all other bases, flavored e-liquids and supplies are available in our online shop.

Order your LIMIXX filling machine with our starter package today:

  • 40 litres PG
  • 40 litres VG
  • 5 litres flavors (100 flavors à 50 ml)
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The mixing ratio of PG and VG has an effect on the density and strength of the vapor and the smoking-like feeling in the throat, which is similar to smoking a cigarette. That’s why some e-cigarettes only work at a certain mixed ratio of both substances.

In order to save money, more and more vapers do private mixing by buying flavors in small volumes and mixing PG and VG manually. This process is relatively time-consuming, complicated and leads to imprecise mixtures that do not meet the manufacturer’s specifications to create the perfect taste experience.

In addition, shop owners cannot benefit from this customer behavior. Some retailers mix directly on site which is legally incompliant.

Another problem in the industry is that newbies and beginners of the e-cigarette have had bad experiences with the product or have prejudices against the use of it.

Furthermore, the e-liquid market is non-transparent, and customers cannot track the purity of products. Due to the polypoly, store owners face the challenges offering a wide product range while keeping their stocks low.


Our Solution

Der smarte LIMIXX Abfüllautomat für maßgefertigte Mischverhältnisse zwischen Basen und Aromen, produziert just-in-time im eigenen Shop:



Flavors and mixing ratios are saved in a database and are produced according to manufacturer’s specifications


Increasing variety of certified products and brands while keep stocks low


Filling operations are saved and analyzes can be retrieved for a better control of purchase and sales planning


Order your basis ingredients, flavors, and supplies in special sizes and sell your produced e-liquids at competitive prices


LIMIXX as your full-service partner:

Attractive price and direct positive cash flow. Refinance your LIMIXX filling machine already through the sale of the starter package. Bases, flavors and supplies can be conveniently ordered in our online shop at attractive purchase conditions. The bases come in 20 litres containers and can easily be connected. Flavors in 50 ml bottles can be practically stored.

LIMIXX filling machine is compact and will win the hearts of your customers with a modern and unobtrusive design. With dimensions of 170x50x50 cm (HxDxW), it fits any retail space. LIMIXX is supplied as standard in full gloss black color and can be delivered in 6 other colors upon request.

Large variety of flavors, sizes and mixing ratios. We do not use nicotine, which allows e-liquid sized between 1 litre and 10 ml.

LIMIXX filling machine convinces with a self-cleaning suction and filling needle, in combination with the digital scale, which controls the filling process. This results in over 100 different mixing ratios of the base liquids and above 150 flavors are available in our range. The algorithm fills mixing ratios according manufacturers specifications and we guarantee a perfect e-liquid mixing ratio of up to 99%.

We deliberately set new standards in the market that is hardly regulated. This brings us together with customers with high-quality standards.

Every retailer can create a custom-made product for its customers and become an e-liquid producer – just in time.

Newbies and beginners of e-cigarette either have had bad experiences with the product or are prejudiced against the consumption of e-liquids. We want to offer a further education platform and inform potential interested parties about the products.