The online shop is exclusively activated for our customers. If you are interested in listed prices, suppliers and brands, please send us an inquiry.

No! In order to guarantee the LIMIXX quality and purity, LIMIXX only works with the suppliers in our portfolio.

The machine is designed to work only with the flavors and bases supplied by LIMIXX (QR code). All data of the filling and ordering processes are stored on our server. You can track stocks and identify bestsellers at any time.

You as our customer are our business partner and we want to work hand in hand to maximize your sales. New products are constantly added to our portfolio and we review carefully new brands. With this in mind, we guarantee that our customers are always at the forefront of market trends and innovations. If your favorite brand or product is missing, you can send us a cooperation request.

There is no minimum order quantity for flavors or bases.

Empties bottles and labels are delivered in lots.


The LIMIXX filling machine was explicitly developed for use in e-cigarette / vaping shops. Due to its compact design, it fits on less than 1 m². Once installed and running, sales can start immediately.

Whether LIMIXX is placed in front of or behind the counter is left to the vape shop operator. Here are some examples for the shop layout with LIMIXX

Wifi and a power connection are required for the commissioning of the machine.

Our product range currently includes over 15 manufacturers with over 150 flavors. We are constantly expanding our range and are on the lookout for new trends. The self-cleaning suction and filling needle controlls the filling process. This alone produces more than 100 different mixing ratios of the base liquids PG & VG. The algorithm stored in the system uses our database and stored manufacturer specifications to calculate a perfect mixing ratio of your e-liquid of up to 99%.

The certification of the TÜV seal (Technischer Überwachungsverein) is currently being completed. In Germany, associations which carry out safety checks as a technical testing organisation and test the safety of equipment and products are designated with the abbreviation “TÜV”.

In addition, the material used for the cover of the vending machine is FSC certified.

When selecting our materials and products, we pay attention to the highest quality and produce “Made in Germany”.

No! The LIMIXX filling machine uses a self-cleaning suction and filling needle in combination with the digital scale that controls the filling process.


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No! you will receive a free briefing as well as introduction documents in written form with the delivery.

We offer the leasing as well as the purchase of the vending machine. For further information please contact us via the contact form.

There is no comparable product on the market.

The trend wave of e-cigarettes and digitalization challenge vape shops every day. You knowledge advantage built up over years can be quickly overrun by new market players. Thus vape shop owners have following challenges:

– Offer your customers variety and differentiate yourself from other offline or online shops.

– A flood of e-cigarettes, e-liquids and other accessories forces shop owners to build up a high inventory and not to be able to use the available sales area optimally.

– To overcome prejudices towards e-cigarettes

– Increase margin

Do you want to become the pioneer of innovation and new market trends and differentiate yourself from your market environment? You’ve come across the right place!